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ESS Energy Home : ESS Safety management system

ESS Energy Home is designed as an optimized management space for ESS(Energy Storage System) storage of solar power plants. It is also the world’s first mass-production ESS storage made by insulation specialist com- pany, satisfying both performance and design with an amount 30% lower than the existing ESS storage.

ESS Energy Home Feature and Advance

Free Warranty Period up to 3 years
Triple insulation system
Superior Economy
Optimized Space
Module Unit Infinite Scalability
Solid Steel Frame
Factory Production Model
Fireproof System
Perfect Air Circulation

ESS Energy Home Standard and specification

Battery room  |  PCS room
Battery room PCS room
Outdoor standard(mm) 3000(W) x 4000(L) x 3100(H) 3000(W) x 4000(L) x 3100(H)
Special feature Battery Optimal space for storage PCS Optimal space for storage
Product composition
  •  1 class air condition
  •  Automatic fire extinguisher
  •  pressure outlet / Fire door
    *  Heat dissipation door (optional)
  •  Electric heat, electric lamp
  •  Air circulation fan
  •  Canopy
  •  Electrostatic Screening (Optional
  •  Gallery window
    /SUS Screen
    /Electrostatic Screening (Optional)
  •  Fire door
  •  Hydraulic ventilation blower
  •  Electric heat, electric lamp
Weight 3.5(t) 4(t)
Possible length Unlimited expansion by module unit
* Shipping Cost, Installation Cost/ Equipment Cost excluded
* VAT excluded
* Specification and options can be tailored to your needs.

ESS Energy Home Installation case and order status