Radiant barrier EnergyWrap

Blocks 97% of radiant heat of building exterior!

Radiant barrier Energy Warp is reflector type insulator, and it blocks 97% of radiant heat, which is in the form of the highest heat conductivity rate, and blocks exterior radiant heat in summer, reflects interior heat into inside in winter, so it is possible to acquire high insulating effect with thin thickness. Also, compared to preexisting insulators, for its reduced volume and weight, it is possible to maximize the efficiency of construction, and can reduce cost of air conditioning and heating by outstanding insulating effect.

Characteristics of product

Insulating performance

For it has outstanding heat reserving effect and wet proof function by its polyethylene layer under aluminum layer, it has effect of blocking 97% of outer radiant heat, and it minimizes heat loss by keeping internal energy.

Economic property

For thin thickness and perfect airtightness, it is excellent in terms of space application of insulated layers. Especially, the cost of materials and construction expenses is inexpensive, and it is possible to reduce the duration of construction, so it has effect of reducing construction expenses, and by improving insulating performance of buildings, it saves energy of air conditioning and heating.


For it is possible to construct in airtight way without edge or crack, there is no thermal bridge, and it restrains dew condensation or mold.

Excellent workability

It is the product that is light and has high flexibility, so it is easy to judge and has excellent workability, and it is possible to construct in bent or curved form, and can reduce the duration of construction.

Water-proof property

Insulation performance of reflective insulator is not about absorption but reflection, so it is never affected in humid air.

Material stability

It is the stabled insulator using materials of polyester / polyethylene, which are materials for clothing.

Product application range

Radiant barrier Energy Warp, which is reflective insulator, is crucial factor of zero-energy buildings which can be applied to various parts of buildings such as ceiling, roof, inner wall, outer wall, and floor insulation.

Manufacture process

  • Raw, subsidiary materials > Laminating > Measurement/Judging > Packaging
Raw, subsidiary materials Laminating Measurement/Judging Packaging

Production composition

1. Coating – Roles as protecting aluminum sheet and strengthening low radiant rate
2. Aluminum(Silver foil) – Roles as blocking radiant heat, sound insulation, resisting to flame, and strengthening surface
3. Nonwoven texture  – Outstanding water proof performance
4. Polyethylene(PE) -Roles as blocking heat(blocking conductive heat), resisting to flame, sound insulation, blocking water(water-proof), and discharging electricity (Functionally insulating material)
5. Aluminum(Silver foil) – Roles as blocking radiant heat, sound insulation, resisting to flame, and strengthening surface

Thickness (T) Length (M) Width (M) □ Single side
□ Double side
□ Nonwoven
□ Woven
□ Glued
□ Non glued
6 50 1
10 25 1
13 25 1
20 20 1
30 12 1
40 10 1
50 8 1
60 6 1