History of Company


 07.08 Participate in SWEET 2021 (07.08 – 07.10)
 06.18    Designation of Promising Companies to Enter Overseas Procurement Markets(G-PASS)
 06.16    Participate in ESS EXPO 2021 (06.16 – 06.18)
 06.04    7 agreements for MSIT Data Voucher Demand Companies
 06.02    Mobile Negative Pressure Bed(VCU) PPS Innovation Prototype Designation
 05.10    Selection of National Team of Innovative Companies 1000, E-newspaper report
 04.15    MOU with Control Electric Company
 04.07    Participate in SIEF 2021 (04.07 – 04.09)
 02.24    MOU with Cheomdanlab Co., Ltd.
 02.23    MSIT Selected of Data Voucher Processing Company
 02.22    Digital Industry Innovation Big Data Competition Winner of the Grand Prize
 01.25    Digital Industry Innovation Big Data Competition Ends Successfully, Venture Management Newspaper report
 01.19    ESS Safety Management Solutions Company ‘BA Energy’ CES 2021 Successfully Finished, Industrynews report
 01.15    MOU with Costels Co., Ltd.
 01.04    ‘Mobile Negative Pressure Bed’ Country Market Registration, E-newspaper report
 01.04    Participate in the January 2021 issue of Digital Transformation


 12.31 2020 Employment Creation Excellence Award for Technology Commercialization in the R&D Special Zone
 12.15    2020 Rewards for Those Who have Contributed to Projects to Foster Local Industries – MSS commendation.
 12.11    ‘MIK 2020’ A Domestic Startup that Global Media has Focused On. Donga ilbo reports
 11.24    Certification of Corporate Research Institutes
 11.11    Participate in Chaina Hi-Tech Fair 2020(11.11 – 11.15)
 10.29    Certification of MAIN-BIZ
 10.21    MOU with KOSMES Next Unicorn Company
 10.08    Secondary Battery Industry Specialist Training Project MOU
 09.11    Certification of Performance Sharing Enterprise
 08.01    Selection of 2020 Promising Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Jeollanam-do
 07.01    BA energy, Introducing a 4.5Day Workweek
 06.23    Participate in NextRise 2020 (06.23 – 06.24)
 06.17    Selection of Companies with Excellent Technology Capabilities
 06.16    MOTIE Awarding a Citation
 05.29    Completion of IBK Start-up Promotion Program
 05.22    Certification of Balance-of-Life Campaign Company
 05.20    Acquired of Participate in Competitive Bids for VCU(mobile negative pressure bed) Country Markets
 05.06    Selection of 2020 Gwangju Regional Star Company
 03.03    BA energy, Korea’s First Negative Pressure Bed… Optimizing the Covid-19 Treatment Space. Industrynews report
 03.03    V EnergyHome Trademark Registration
 03.01    MOU with Nurio Co., Ltd.
 02.27    Certification of Companies Specializing in Materials and Components
 02.24    BA energy, Selected ‘IBK Changgong’, A Platform that Fosters Start-Ups of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea. E-newspaper report
 02.17    BA energy, Project Participation with EDF India’s. Prime economy report
 02.12    BA Energy to enter Indian Solar Power Plant ESS Market. E-Newspaper report
 02.12    Design of energy system, solar energy, and solar power plants – ‘ One-Stop’ , Korea Economy report
 02.07    MOU with Axia Materials
 01.22    INNOPOLIS Technology Commercialization Award
 01.16    MOU with SJ


12.16 MOU with Digital Makers, Grida Energy
12.13 Family Friendly Certificate of Accred
11.25 Signing the Accademy Convention for Youth Employment
11.19 Participated in Powergen International 2019 (New Orleans, LA)(11.19-11.21)
11.18 MOU with Astrokat in Greece regarding Zero-Energy-Building
11.18 MOU with KAMA Group(India) regarding ESS business
11.08 BIXPO 2019 KEPCO Start-up Investment Competition
11.06 Participation in BIXPO 2019 (11.06 – 11.08)
10.16 Awarded KEPCO president’s award
09.24 KOTRA event (India KOTRA mission and buyer / VC matching)(09.24-09.28)
08.30 Designated representative 4 venture company at Venture Summer Forum
08.29 Participated in Venture Summer Forum and Pitching Business model in Yeosu(08.29-08.31)
08.23 Performance sharing company with Ministry of SME and Startups
08.13 【GREEN ASIA】 Eco tour in Mongolia cooperate with Destinpower(08.13-08.17)
07.31 MOU with ZECO ENERGY in Australia for making Household ESS market
07.26 Partnership MOU with KEPCO
07.23 Participation in KDB Next Rise Exhibition(07.23-07.24)
07.17 MOU with RED SUN ENERGY from Vietnam
07.09 Holding an The Korea Smart Electric & Energy Week(KOSEF)
07.03 Global Top 10 of Starters Hub Scale in Turkey accelerating for 3-6 months
06.26 “Raised fund 1.5 Billion KRW investment” from Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
06.24 MOU with HAEZOOM
06.19  IR Putching at Seoul Startup Hub presented by Power PT. (Coupang, SAMSUNG, Ta: Tyler)
06.19 Designated as KEPCO Energy-Valley STAR company
06.10 Commendation of Gwang-ju Mayor, SWEET 2019
05.16 IR pitching & Contest at VIVA TECHNOLOGY held in Paris, France(05.16-05.18)
05.15 IR pitching & networking at “K-Startup NIGHT” in Korean Embassy in Paris, France
04.19 MOU with OCI Power (Son company of OCI)
04.16 MOU with STPC in Sweden regarding Nordic countries
04.10 IR pitching at venture road show in 2019
03.13 Participate in SWEET 2019 Solar, Wind & Earth Energy Fair (03.13-03.15)
02.26 MOU with Hyundai Electric and Energy System
01.09 Japanese Press, BA energy. (The Chemical Daily)


12.27 Awarded Jeollanam-do small and medium enterprise
12.18 Gwangju Metropolitan City Prize
12.14 Technology and Market Cooperation between BA energy and Destin power
12.11 Gwangju job recognition improvement EXPO ‘commendation of small business middle chairman’
11.26 Participated in DUBAI BIG5(11.26-11.29)
11.14 SLUSH / Global Star Venture Demo Day IR pitching
10.31 Participated in BIXPO 2018(10.31-11.02)
10.25 BA energy Co., Ltd. completed the 3rd Factory for Energy home
10.17 Excellence Prize in SME Management Innovation Best Practice Competition
10.10 Participated in Seoul International Electric Fair 2018 (10.10-10.12)
10.08 Launch the “Energy_Box”, high efficiency insulation module
10.02 Participated in KOREA Energy Show 2018(10.02-10.05)
10.01 Participated in Seoul Solar Expo 2018(10.01-10.02)
09.05 Selected as an excellent enterprise for SME management innovation 2018
09.05 Participated in International Environment & Energy TECH 2018 (09.05-09.07)
08.21 Participated in Vietnam & Malaysia Technical Trade Promotion Team (Promotion of PV and renewable energy trends and export promotion)
Registered KRX for KSM and Commencement of stock trading
07.23 TED IR Pitching for Global Star Venture Platform by CCEI
07.08 Participation in India Start-up Mission 2018
07.05 Participated in International Green Car Exhibition 2018
06.14 Participation in the World Energy Storage System Expo 2018
05.24 Commendation of Excellent business man by Small and Medium Business Association
05.11 Selected as the Best Green Energy company by Korea Daily 2018
04.26 Energy Valley corporate investment, Public institution cooperation agreement
04.04 Participate in International Green Expo (04.04-04.06)
03.14 Participate in SWEET 2018 Solar, Wind & Earth Energy Fair (03.14-03.16)
03.13 Selected as Global IP Star Enterprise in 2018
02.22 Participate in KINTEX Korea Build Fair (02.22-02.25)
Launched, Mobile Energy Home for Individual “Energy home”


12.15 Awarded appreciation plaque from Jeonnam National University
11.30 Prime Minister’s Commendation of Entrepreneur 2017
11.30 Get certificates MAIN-BIZ (Innovative business management corporation)
11.16 Participate in Shen-Zhen HIGH-TECH Exhibition
11.08 Participate in BIG5 Construct Indonesia 2017
11.01 Participate in Bitgaram International Expo of Electric Power Technology (BIXPO)
10.12 Acquire intellectual property management certification
09.27 Participate in ‘Seoul International Electric Fair 2017’
09.14 Participate in the BIG5 Construct India 2017
09.08 Exhibit ‘Energywall’ for Business lounge during “Gwang-ju Design Biennale“
06.12 Designated as Jeonnam Export Promising Company of Jeonnam TechnoPark
05.26 Designated as Energy New Industry promoting company of KEPCO
05.01 Designated three-year plan of Energy Technology Development Project of KETEP : 2017 – 2019, Secured 2 billion won
04.07 Designated as Fostering Company of Gwnagju Creative Economy Innovation Center
03.31 Designated as Start-up Contest Follow-up Support Company of Epigyny Supporters of Large, Medium, and Small Corporation Foundation
02.28 Designated as 2017 Development of Human Resources Excellent Company by the Small & Medium Business Corporation


12.22 Completion of Hampyoung factory
12.22 Certification of ISO14001
12.20 Certification of Family friendly Excellent Company by the Ministry of Gender Equally and Family
12.01 Citation of head of Small & Medium Business Administration in 2016 Venture Start-up Competition
11.23 Designated as Excellent Company of Employment of Gwangju-si
11.09 Participated in Indonesia Construction Fair
10.20 Established BA energy wrap Co., Ltd., which is No. 298 Research lab business designated by the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning
10.14 Participated in Technology Commercializing Course’s Silicon Valley Trainee member of Hanyang University
10.04 Awarded Excellent Business citation by head of Buk-gu of Gwangju-si
08.29 Began construction of the Second factory(Donghampyoung Normal Industrial Site, about 6300m2)
08.18 Participated in COEX Kyunghyang Housing Fair
08.12 Participated in Iran Construction Fair
06.23 Agreement of Industrial Academic Joint Technology Development of Jeonnam University LINK Enterprise Organization
05.23 Detained Investment Option of Korea Credit Guaranty Funding(200 million won)
05.01 Designated as ‘First Penguin’ of Korea Credit Guaranty Funding
04.14 Selection of 6th Youth Start-up Academy of Small & Medium Business Corporation
02.24 Participated in KINTEX Kyounghyang Housing Fair
02.18 Contracted MOU Investment of Jeollanam-do


12.18 Designated as Hidden Champion of Gwangju TechnoPark
12.11 ISO9001 Certificate
12.10 Final IR announcement of ‘Angel Investment Attract Program’ of Small & Medium Business Administration
12.03 Participated in KBC Construction Fair
11.23 Participated in Dubai Construction Fair(BIG5)
11.16 Designated as Gwangju TechnoPark Priority Rearing Company(five-year planning)
10.21 Awarded grand prize from Gwangju Start-up Festival(Gwangju-si mayor award)
10.07 Participated in MBC Ecofriendly Construction Fair
08.12 Designated as Export Beginner Company of Gwnagju Economy Employment Promotion Agency
08.01 Designated of Industrial Innovation Movement 3.0(Appeared Hyundai Motors)
05.06 Entered Youth Start-up Academy of the Small & Medium Business Administration
01.15 Family company of Jeonnam University Industry Cooperation LINC Enterprise Organization
01.10 Established First factory and registration
01.05 Established Company laying Lab(No. 201510071)


11.28 Acquired Certificate of Venture Company(No. 2014112587)


06.01 Designated as Youth Creative Company of Gwangju TechnoPark
05.29 Entered Industrial-Educational Engineering Building of Jeonnam University